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Joachim Von Heimburg

Innovate How to Innovate
Innovation Architect and Executive Adviser
Basel, Switzerland
Innovating to create business value is the theme of my professional life. I design and implement innovation strategies, processes and structures and make them operational driving the business. This I support by creating a culture fostering an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial activities.

My professional experience:
2012 – Present: Innovation Architect and Executive Advisor on state-of-the art innovation capabilities and structures.

2010 - 2012: General Manager Innovation and Corporate Program at SABIC. In order to drive innovation at SABIC, the company created a new position for me, working for the Executive Committee and the CTO with the mission to enable SABIC to innovate how SABIC innovates.
In this position as General Manager and Executive Advisor to the company leadership, I laid the foundations for a more innovative SABIC. I created new, state-of-the-art capabilities and structures which have already started to contribute to the business like corporate venturing and incubation, global technology scouting, company-wide employee innovation drives, the Corporate Research and Innovation Centre at the new Saudi Arabian elite university KAUST (in total 3 new organizations and re-chartering two departments). Key performance indicators demonstrate measurable progress. A recent survey demonstrates a significant increase of employee commitment to innovation.

2009 – 2010: Executive consultant in innovation management helping executives to innovate how they innovate and creating industry innovation networks.

2006 – 2009: International Innovation Director at Procter & Gamble leading e.g. the organizational and culture change from traditional R&D to Open Innovation systems (Connect & Develop) in Europe/Middle East/Africa.

1997 - 2006: International Product and Brand Development Director at P&G (co)leading e.g. the launch of the tissue paper business (Charmin, Bounty) in Europe.